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About Us

My husband and I immigrated to Australia from South Africa on the eve of 2017.
We both grew up in a small town in Durban, called Amanzimtoti. Having grown up in a costal town, Jazz and I spent most of our time on the sports field or at the beach. That's where our passion for fitness and love for the simple beach life began.
Coming from a family where entrepreneurial start-up businesses’ were a way of life, I always wanted to throw my hat in the ring, and take responsibility for my own destiny. So it seemed obvious, that if I wanted to start my own business, it would have to involve my passion for fitness. This lead to countless sleepless nights, dreaming about what could be. 
Since immigrating to Australia we have been blown away by the opportunities afforded to the residents of this country. It seems that you are given the opportunity to succeed, and all you have to do to unlock this potential, is take a leap of faith.  We don’t normally consider ourselves risk takers, however moving across the world, leaving friends and family behind, has dispelled all those ideals and changed us forever.
And so, Tight Life was born.
I guess you can say that we didn't choose the Tight Life, the Tight Life chose us.