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Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador


A person who encompasses the brands values and ethics. She will represents the business in her everyday life. 

So what does it mean to be a Tight Life brand ambassador?

Well, it's pretty simple. 

We're looking for women who lead active, adventurous and purposive lives. 

We are strong, yet gentle. Passionate yet rational. Educated yet humble. Fierce yet compassionate, and disciplined so they can be free.

Wear our tights proudly as often as possible and post about it to your heart's content. 


Empowered women

Empower women

Featured Brand Ambassador


Our first featured brand ambassador is Kylie.

Kylie has just completed her 4 year LLB Law Degree with Cum Lade from the University of Free State, in South Africa.  

To say that Kylie is an intelligent, strong and independent woman is an understatement.

We asked her a series of questions to fully understand who this woman is and how she came to be. 

See our full interview in the blog.